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How to Order Your Custom Lawn Jockey

  • Shopping Cart is Not Installed: To place an order, please CALL or TEXT 908-339-5060.

  • Visit Our Pop-Shops: Even if you plan to visit one of our pop-shops, you must CALL or TEXT us in advance for location details and to reserve your order at 908-339-5060.

Customize Your Lawn Jockey

  • Choose Your Colors and Designs: Select your favorite colors and designs, including eye and hair color. We can paint company logos, family crests, sports teams, alma maters, and more. Your imagination is the limit!

  • Why Choose Our Lawn Jockeys: These lawn jockeys are the best available. They are made using a patented 1954 mold, making them rare and valuable. Each jockey weighs around 150 pounds, reinforced with iron rebar, and wired for electricity. They are painted with high-quality, gloss exterior paint and finished for long-lasting durability. They stand approximately 45 inches tall and are made from a proprietary Cast Stone mix.


  • Simple Silk Design: $1,100
  • Intricate Silks or Logos: Upcharges starting at $100
  • Powder Coated Brushed Aluminum Lantern: $100
  • Event Rental: $300 and up (security deposit may apply)
  • Unpainted Lawn Jockey: $400 (always available for pick-up)
  • Note: Repainting existing statues is not available.

Lawn Jockey Specifications

  • Dimensions: 46” tall x 26” wide. Base is 14” x 14”.
  • Weight: Approximately 175 lbs.
  • Features: Fully wired with outdoor wiring and a hitching ring (decorative use only).


We offer nearly limitless designs and colors. Don’t hesitate to discuss your ideas with us!


Shipping & Handling

  • Pick-Up: Free pick-up at our North-West New Jersey location year-round.
  • Freight Shipping: We super pack your lawn jockey and pallet it for freight. Shipping costs vary, for example, up to $850 was the cost to Hawaii in 2021 and $377 to middle-California in May of 2024. It varies. You need a quote! Call or text 908-339-5060 for shipping quotes throughout the Eastern United States.


Most custom orders require 12 weeks to complete.


Contact Us

For all inquiries, orders, and reservations, please CALL or TEXT 908-339-5060. We look forward to creating your custom lawn jockey!

#037 Green Lawn Jockey

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