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The Story of See Your Colors

Custom Lawn Jockeys & Equestrian Art plus Equestrian Styled Antiques & Housewares 

See Your Colors is all about having a favorite color… or two! Or three! Or as many as you please… because that’s what we are all about. Whether it’s subdued, pastel, bold or bright, See Your Colors loves color, and pattern and design. We love when things match, and we love when they clash. We love designs that coordinate and patterns that break rules. Imagine our delight when a parade of jockeys step out at a horse racing track! That joy is exactly where See Your Colors story begins, but the story of jockey silks dates back much further! The richest history of color and design are represented on jockey silks with centuries of tradition. Since horses don’t have much variety in their colors of chestnuts, browns and greys and the rare white, it might be difficult to see when yours is in the lead, or lagging in this sport of kings, dating back to the days of reigning kings in the 18th century.

While jockey silks offer a great way to have your racing team stand out at the track, a lawn jockeys offer a great way make your home, business or farm stand out on the block! Steeped in history and drenched in color, you can be a part of this colorful scene by display on a lawn jockey.


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