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SHOPPING CART IS NOT INSTALLED. CALL/TEXT TO ORDER 908-339-5060. Even if you are planning to come to one of our POP-SHOPS, you need to CALL/TEXT us IN ADVANCE FOR LOCATION & to RESERVE your ORDER 908-339-5060.


Allow 12 weeks from the time you order these famous silks to be painted.


We are the absolute authority on lawn jockeys! Our in-house artist is the finest lawn jockey painter across the land! This gorgeous lawn jockey is donned in the famous silks of a winning Steeplechase racer using our the highest quality paints available. This item can be picked up at our Washington location, or it can be delivered to one of our POP SHOPS. Reach out to coordinate payment (Square, Venmo, PayPal, Cash, Check) and delivery or pick-up: 908-339-5060.



Call or text now to claim him as your own 908-339-5060 ... can be delivered to most* NJ areas without charge... inquire now to determine delivery.

Famous Silks Lawn Jockey

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