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How to Order Your Custom Lawn Jockey

  • Shopping Cart is Not Installed: To place an order, please CALL or TEXT 908-339-5060.

  • Visit Our Pop-Shops: Even if you plan to visit one of our pop-shops, you must CALL or TEXT us in advance for location details and to reserve your order at 908-339-5060.

Customize Your Lawn Jockey

  • Choose Your Colors and Designs: Select your favorite colors and designs, including eye and hair color. We can paint company logos, family crests, sports teams, alma maters, and more. Your imagination is the limit!

  • Why Choose Our Lawn Jockeys: These lawn jockeys are the best available. They are made using a patented 1954 mold, making them rare and valuable. Each jockey weighs around 150 pounds, reinforced with iron rebar, and wired for electricity. They are painted with high-quality, gloss exterior paint and finished for long-lasting durability. They stand approximately 45 inches tall and are made from a proprietary Cast Stone mix.


  • Simple Silk Design: $1,100
  • Intricate Silks or Logos: Upcharges starting at $100
  • Powder Coated Brushed Aluminum Lantern: $100
  • Event Rental: $300 and up (security deposit may apply)
  • Unpainted Lawn Jockey: $400 (always available for pick-up)
  • Note: Repainting existing statues is not available.

Lawn Jockey Specifications

  • Dimensions: 46” tall x 26” wide. Base is 14” x 14”.
  • Weight: Approximately 175 lbs.
  • Features: Fully wired with outdoor wiring and a hitching ring (decorative use only).


We offer nearly limitless designs and colors. Don’t hesitate to discuss your ideas with us!


Shipping & Handling

  • Pick-Up: Free pick-up at our North-West New Jersey location year-round.
  • Freight Shipping: We super pack your lawn jockey and pallet it for freight. Shipping costs vary, for example, up to $850 was the cost to Hawaii in 2021 and $377 to middle-California in May of 2024. It varies. You need a quote! Call or text 908-339-5060 for shipping quotes throughout the Eastern United States.


Most custom orders require 12 weeks to complete.


Contact Us

For all inquiries, orders, and reservations, please CALL or TEXT 908-339-5060. We look forward to creating your custom lawn jockey!

#041 Paint-Your-Own Lawn Jockey

SKU: 0041
  • SHOPPING CART IS NOT INSTALLED. CALL/TEXT TO ORDER 908-339-5060. Even if you are planning to come to one of our POP-SHOPS, you need to CALL/TEXT us IN ADVANCE FOR LOCATION & to RESERVE your ORDER 908-339-5060.


    This lawn jockey is made from a patented 1954 mould, unable to be duplicated or altered for the 2 lifetimes of patents remaining. Hence, they are becoming rarer as the years go on. Weighing in around 150 pounds, his arms and legs are fully reinforced with iron rebar. He is wired for electricity, but the hook will hold a candle or solar lantern if desired. If you are going to paint this, you need to use the highest quality outdoor acrylic paints (approximately $25-30/quart), and finished any detail work such as the face or a logo with a Spar coating so will last MANY years outside. Do not apply Spar to the entirery! This lawn jockey would also look lovely indoors depending on your style. These are approximately 43 inches tall. Hand-poured cement of proprietary mix of fibers, acrylic adhesive formulas and white porter ensure the highest quality, most durable blend of cement found on the market. This is NOT a backyard pour of hardware store cement! Do not mistake the two... the difference in quality is worlds apart.

  • If, in the highly unlikely event that, you were dissatisfied with your purchase, we will certainly take it back in the exact condition we gave it to you in, and return your payment, minus any "Custom Order Deposit". This straightforward refund/exchange policy is our way to build trust and reassure you that you can buy from us with confidence.

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